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The National Workers’ Compensation Review at WCI 2021

Updated: Apr 26

The National Workers’ Compensation Review at WCI 2021

December 12—15, 2021

World Center Marriott

Orlando, Florida

The National Workers’ Compensation Review will again be an important part of the WCI Conference in Orlando, and its sessions will be Monday December 13, 2021 beginning at 1:15 PM and end Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 5 PM. Consistent with standards which have been utilized by the NWCR throughout its participation, this year’s program will include an exciting collection of first-class programming.

To illustrate, these are two of the must-see sessions this year, and stay tuned for additional programming details:

“LIVING ABLED!” There and Back Again: A Physician’s Tale.

Personal Journey Through -- and Practical Take-Aways

From -- Injury Recovery

In fall 2018, cresting an illustrious career in clinical medicine; serving as Senior Contributing Editor for the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment and having just authored a critically acclaimed book on healing and recovery from serious injury, Dr. Brigham himself became seriously injured, nearly dying.

Well, he’s back – and has redeveloped this program to share with you latest developments in healing, injury recovery, and return to work – uniquely from ALL THREE perspectives of physician; author; and finally, recovering patient! Genuinely new, practical insights are provided into healing of the body, mind and spirit: there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of -- in even his own book!

Bottom line: this deeply informed presentation is designed to advance the claims art and science of improving injury claim outcomes.

Speaker: Chris Brigham, MD, Hilton Head, SC

Women Trail Blazers and Ceiling Breakers: Collaboration and Innovation for the Betterment of Our Industry and All Served By It

This extraordinary panel (spoiler alert: look at our panelists!) takes the proverbial bull by the horns and documents precisely how diverse backgrounds and experiences -- and the innovative approaches generated by these -- combine to inform WC programs that don’t merely succeed, they thrive.

Our gifted and (not coincidently) industry-preeminent panelists emphasize the importance of demonstrating leadership both through word and deed, offering specific insights and experiences that have enabled implementation of ‘change for the good’ -- for the good of their respective organizations regardless of mission, and for their workers, injured or not!

In short: this presentation is not focused on any specific group of attendees but on all attendees: the enthusiastic and accomplished high tide here will raise all boats, including yours.

Moderator: Jennifer Morris Jones, Esq., Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog LLP, Raleigh, NC


Caryn Siebert, VP and National Director of Carrier Engagement, Gallagher Bassett, Orange, CA

Jeannette Johnian, AVP of Workers’ Compensation Claims for Falls Lake Insurance Companies, Raleigh, NC

Caty Culver, Global Claims Analyst for the Legal Risk Management Team for Whole Foods, Austin, TX

Kristen Chavez, President, workcompcentral, Camarillo, CA