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National Workers’ Compensation Review

Starting the Conversation – Disseminating the Impact


The National Workers’ Compensation Review started through the joint efforts of George Kagan of West Palm Beach, Florida, Bill Pipkin of Mobile, Alabama, and Jim Anderson of Ridgeland, Mississippi. Their combined efforts on the DRI Workers’ Compensation Committee laid the groundwork for the development of the NWCR, and they are proud that their efforts have evolved into the premier collection of cutting-edge programming surrounding the ever-changing world of workers’ compensation.

The National Workers' Compensation Review is a premier two-day event offered within the Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference presented by the Workers’ Compensation Institute. The WCI is the largest gathering of workers’ compensation professionals in the nation (and perhaps the world) with attendance ranging from 8000 to more. The NWCR’s mission is to combine the nation’s brightest legal, medical, claims, and industry professionals to produce cutting-edge programming designed to inform, challenge, lead and direct the forces that drive the ever-evolving world of workers’ compensation. The intersection of those distinct groups, led by the very best leaders within each, combines the highest authority with ‘word on the street’ to prepare attendees for what is new – alongside the tried and true. “How To, By Those That Do” is its model, and year after year the NWCR delivers on its promise to set the tone, engage the discussion, and seek the direction for tomorrow’s workers’ compensation industry.


The leadership of the NWCR now includes the amazing talents of an excellent Advisory Board comprised of Dr. Chris Brigham, Jennifer Morris Jones, Steve Tipton, and Bill Zachry. Collectively, this group provides resources which have exponentially expanded the depth of the NWCR.


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George Kagan (786) 280-6577

Bill Pipkin (251) 401-3979

Jim Anderson (601) 955 1500

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